Virtual Teen/Adult Acrobatics

Fall Session: Conditioning for Contortion

Ages: 10+

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 6:30pm (ET)

Nailah R. 30 Minutes

Get strong for contortion! Strengthen your muscles, develop stamina, increase endurance, and control in the  end ranges of your movement. No contortion experience  is necessary to take this class – whether you are  interested in beginning your contortion journey or if you  are just looking for a conditioning class that focusses on  full body strength and mobility, this is a great feat for all!

You will need: 2 yoga blocks, yoga mat, folding chair, and some wall space.  

Optional: Ankle weights, light to medium strength Theraband, or 1-2 lbs weights.  

Learn more about Nailah: @nailahrg 


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