Virtual Teen/Adult Acrobatics

Drop-In: Conditioning for Acro

Ages: 10+

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 7:00pm (ET)

Nailah R. 45 Minutes

Get Acro strong today! Using acrobatic and gymnastics conditioning exercises, this class is a great way to build a  well-balanced body that trains safely and effectively.  Every class will include whole body exercises that will  increase your cardiovascular endurance, core and  shoulder stability, and active flexibility. 

No Acro experience required! This class is for anyone who wants  to build functional strength and avoid injuries in their day  to day life. Modifications will be available for all  participants. 

You will need: some wall space, a yoga mat, yoga blocks,  and your water bottle! 

Learn more about Nailah: @nailahrg 



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